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Surname and Name, titleDepartment
Adamcak Jan, Ing.  Stellar department
Ambroz Jaroslav, Ing.  Department of Solar Physics
Benko Martin, Mgr. PhD. Department of Solar Physics
Bobulova Anna, Ing.  Administration and Maintenance
Budaj Jan, RNDr. CSc. Stellar department
Budzak Frantisek Administration and Maintenance
Cekovska Jozefina Administration and Maintenance
Cervak Gabriel Department of Interplanetary Matter
Chochol Drahomir, RNDr. DrSc. Stellar department
Dubjel Vladimir, Ing.  Administration and Maintenance
Eccles Milena, Mgr.  Administration and Maintenance
Garai Zoltan, RNDr. PhD. Stellar department
Gomory Peter, Mgr. PhD. Department of Solar Physics
González Manrique Sergio Javier, Dr.  Department of Solar Physics
Hajdukova Maria, RNDr. PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Hambalek Lubomir, Mgr. PhD. Stellar department
Husarik Marek, Mgr. PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Hutar Miroslav, Ing.  Department of Solar Physics
Irha Stefan Administration and Maintenance
Ivanova Oleksandra,  PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Jakubik Marian, Mgr. PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Jendrejcak Dalibor Administration and Maintenance
Kanuchova Zuzana, Mgr. PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Klein Ján Administration and Maintenance
Kollar Vladimir, Ing.  Stellar department
Komzik Richard, RNDr. CSc. Stellar department
Kovacova Martina, Mgr. PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Koza Julius, Mgr. PhD. Department of Solar Physics
Krempaska Katarina Administration and Maintenance
Krushevska Viktoriia,  PhD. Stellar department
Kucera Ales, RNDr. CSc. Department of Solar Physics
Kundra Emil, Mgr. PhD. Stellar department
Lomineishvili Sergo, Msc.  Department of Solar Physics
Maliuk Andrii, Msc.  Stellar department
Neslusan Lubos, RNDr. CSc. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Novocky Daniel, RNDr. CSc. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Pazicka Bibiana, Mgr.  Administration and Maintenance
Petrova Zuzana, Mgr.  Administration and Maintenance
Pikler Michal, Ing.  Department of Interplanetary Matter
Pribulla Theodor, RNDr. CSc. Stellar department
Regitko Zoltan Administration and Maintenance
Regitkova Jarmila Administration and Maintenance
Rusin Vojtech, RNDr. DrSc. Department of Solar Physics
Rybak Jan, RNDr. CSc. Department of Solar Physics
Saniga Metod, RNDr. DrSc. Department of Solar Physics
Sanigova Andrea, Ing.  Administration and Maintenance
Schwartz Pavol, Mgr. PhD. Department of Solar Physics
Shagatova Natalia, Mgr. PhD. Stellar department
Shubina Olena,  PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Shugarov Sergey,  PhD. Stellar department
Sivanic Peter, Ing.  Stellar department
Skopal Augustin, RNDr. DrSc. Stellar department
Svoren Jan, Doc. RNDr. DrSc. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Tomko Dusan, Mgr. PhD. Department of Interplanetary Matter
Trembac Michal, Ing.  Department of Solar Physics
Vanko Martin, Mgr. PhD. Stellar department
Voitko Anhelina, Msc.  Department of Interplanetary Matter

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