HowTo reach the Astronomical Institute.

Slovak Republic is situated in central Europe. It has three major airports: Bratislava, Poprad, Košice. There are other two conveniently located airports, the airport in Vienna (some 60 km from Bratislava) and Krakow-Balice.

Astronomical Institute is located in the norhern part of Slovakia, close to the frontier with Poland, being only 20 km from Poprad, the biggest town in the area easily accessible by train, bus or plane.

From Poprad go to Tatranská Lomnica, the closest village to the Astronomical Institute. You can get to Tatranská Lomnica from Poprad by bus or by train via Starý Smokovec or Veľká Lomnica.

The Institute is about 2 km from the Tatranská Lomnica railway station. To get to the Institute take and follow a forest lane/path between Kremenec and villa Alexandra.

You can check our location in an arbitrary detail using Google Maps. You can use it as a route planner as well.

This picture gives you a schematic view of surroundings of our Institute.


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